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Meaning of jacobo



JACOBO: Gold coin minted in England which was equivalent to 14 pounds and 10 salary torneses.



1º_ It is a male name that, although it has Egyptian and Babylonian antecedents, the Spanish recognizes it from the Hebrew tradition as 1497; 1463; 1506; 1458; 1511; 1465; 1489; (Ya akev "taking from the heel") , although 1506; 1511; 1489; (ekev) is also understood as "due to" or "back of something". This is very common in biblical accounts where a word is associated with an event, in this case the birth of the twins of Isaac and Rebekah, because James was born clinging to the heel of Esau, from whom he wanted the place of firstborn that (supposedly) belonged to him. As adults, he bought it for a plate of food, and also supplanted it to receive his father's last blessing. This name had its evolution as Santiago, Diego, Jaime, Yaco, Yago or Tiago. See Jacob, Jacob's Stick. 2º_ Common name of the plant Jacobaea adonidifolia . See Chaco .


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It is a name of Hebrew origin male and means that substitutes. Variant: Jacob.





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