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Meaning of huisache

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is also possible to use huizache . It is a word of Nahuatl origin. It comes from Huizatli (or huixachi), which means thorny, which has thorns. It is also the name of a Mimosaseae plant, which serves to obtain ink with its tannins. Its scientific name is Acacia Farnesiana. It is also known as arumbari, huechachin, aroma, cascalote, colita, tanner's bark, divine thorn or sacred thorn, hawthorn, maroma, wichacin and vinorama. In Guatemala it is a way to call a lawyer of poor quality or without a degree. Tinterillo .


Jimeno Ruiz

Huisache: In Guatemala the substantiation is used to distinguish a bad lawyer or a person who exercises the function of lawyer without having all the required licenses.





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