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Meaning of hueso

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


Bone tissue . A rigid organ that is part of the endoskeleton . In Medicine and Anatomy, it is a living tissue that makes up the skeleton of the body. Merchandise that is difficult to trade.



1º_ To the collection of figurative meanings I add the first definition of 'bone': each organ that makes up a vertebrate skeleton, which are mostly rigid and serve as support and protection to the muscles. It comes to us from the Latin ossum, i, variant of os, ossis ("bone"). 2º_ It is also called 'bone' to the pit of the fruit. 3º_ Another common meaning that is missing is that of the warm white color, pulling to the cream color.



Bone: colloquially, Professor very demanding.


Humberto Ramos

Bone: Difficult output goods. Example: A trader tells a supplier:-my friend, can not pay you the debt because the clothes you brought me is a bone, sale or leaving it at the cost.



the food he likes dogs





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