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Meaning of hirpa

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


In the Sabina or Samnite language (osco. umbro), from central Italy, it means wolf. Hirpa is also a surname of Hindu origin, which is common in India, Bangladesh and Ethiopia. Region of the Hirpines or Samnites (Samnium), in central Italy.


Felipe Lorenzo del Río

Wolf, in the Osco-Umbrian language of the Hirpine Samnites. Perhaps one of the many secret and sacred names of Rome for whose revelation some were condemned to death, such as the tribune and poet Quintus Valerius Soranus, in the words of Plutarch and Pliny the Elder. He would have done so in his work Epoptides. Another name could be Aguerona, which was revealed only in the Agueronalias in the mysteries of this enigmatic goddess who had her index finger on her lips.





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