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HIPSIPILA tais hipsipila, without accent, is an alpine butterfly that constitutes a pest. HIPSIPALA, with an accent, was the queen of the island of Lemnos, close to Turkey, whose women killed all men for their sexual involvement with Thracian women. HIPSIPILA saved his father by stuffing him into a wooden chest and throwing him into the sea. A short time later Jason and the Argonauts arrived on the island looking for the Golden Fleece. Hypsipila became involved with Jason from whom he had a son Continuing his journey, Jason promised him eternal fidelity, but betrayed her and never returned as he married Medea, daughter of the king of Colchis. The others learned of the rescue and the queen had to flee. Pirates sold her as a slave, becoming an aya of Lycurgus' son.


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It is the castellanization of the term Hypsipyla. It is the name of a genus of insects that belongs to the family Piralidae . Its larvae are very harmful to cedar and mahogany trees. They are known as sweepers or drillers. In Ancient Greece, she was a queen of Lemnos, an island located in the Aegean Sea. It was also called Hupsipule.



It is the name of a butterfly (Tais Hipsipila) that inhabits the Alps region. Its caterpillar is yellow with hair or black spines on the back; and they are supposed to inspire the name that according to some entomology texts would mean "hairy loin" in Greek. See also hypsipyla , hypsypila .


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In Greek mythology, Hypsipyle was the Queen of Lemnos.Durante his reign, Aphrodite cursed the women of the island for neglecting their shrines, so they developed an extreme case of halitosis that repugnant to the men of the nation. For that reason, the men began to have intercourse with the slaves who had been captured during the invasions of Thrace. The women of Lemmos resolved to take revenge and, one night, killed all their male relatives. Only Hypsipyle forgave a man: his father, Thoas, who hid to save from the killing.Shortly after the killing of men, Jason and the Argonauts stopped at Lemnos on their way to Colchis. The Argonauts remained on Lemnos for several months and, at that time, maintained relations with the women of the island. Hypsipyle got pregnant with Jason, who swore eternal fidelity. From this marriage were born twins Euneo and Nebrofono ( other versions are called the second twin, Deifilo or Thoas ). Jason continued their journey and soon forgot his promise.Women lemnias, furious because he had saved his father, forced Hypsipyle to flee to preserve his life. She and her children were captured by pirates who sold them to Lycurgus, King of Nemea. The wife went to Hypsipyle to the care of his son 40 Ofeltes; also called Arquemoro ).When the argives marched against Thebes, passed through Nemea, and after finding Hypsipyle, this led them to a source so that they get the water they needed. In doing so, he left the child for a moment; It was then when a snake is curled in and bit him, causing his death. His mother tried to save him, but it was too late, then decided to kill the snake and, later, to bury her son. Lycurgus wanted revenge upon Hypsipyle, but the leader of the argives, Adrastus, protected her.



In Greek mythology, Queen of Lemnos.Quien forgive and hidden from his father that not his assassination.



Queen of the Middle Ages whose history serves to reflect some cruelty occurred at that time





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