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Meaning of hijueputa

Lcda. Lucy Roldan Mendoza


Bitch... It is a word threshed in the lexicon of the Latin... This word is widely used in our language Espanola.Se uses it as: term of Endearment... anger... joy... admiration... warning... as insulto.etc... Tambien Hijueputa is a word that is associated as a Cultural idiom.



Bitch is a word that is used as an expression of joy... love... anger... admiration etc


Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

In colloquial language, "hijueputa" is short for "son of a bitch", the latter expression is in turn widely used as an insult. "Hijueputa", however, is a word sometimes used to denote anger, surprise, admiration, etc. For example, when a woman exclaims, Oh, little, that cockroach scared me!



hypepeta can be used as an insult although sometimes it becomes common and is not meant as an insult and they write it shorter hp



son of a bitch is a ruined word that you say it personally not let it thrive.





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