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Meaning of hercynia

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It was the ancient name of a forested region of Central Europe, in Germany. It is also known as Hercynia Silva or Hercynius Saltus (Forest or Region of Hercynia). Hercynian Forest . It is also part of the Hartz Mountains (wooded mountain). It is also the name of an asteroid (458). Hercynia, is a variant of a woman's name of Greek origin and means Tender and Delicate (Hercynia). Hercinia was a bird or bird of bright plumage of mythological or fantastic origin, which lived in the forests of southern Germany (Hercynian Forests).



Hercynia- is the asteroid discovered by astronomerM . F . Wolf and F. K . To. Schwassmann on September 21, 1900-





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