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Meaning of gusto

Spanish open dictionary


taste . ( Of the lat. )( gustus ). 1. m. body sense that perceived chemicals dissolved, as the food. 2. m. flavor with things. 3. m. pleasure or delight that he experimented with some reason, or you receive anything. 4. m. own will, determination, or discretion. 5. m. Faculty feeling or appreciate the beautiful or ugly. Diego has good taste. 6. m. good taste (? Faculty of feeling). Vicente has taste, or is man of taste. 7. m. quality, shape or manner that is beautiful or ugly something. Work, dress of good taste. Adornment of bad taste. 8. m. good taste (? quality). Costume of taste. 9. m. way of feeling or run the artistic or literary work in country or period of time. The Greek taste, French. The modern taste, old. 10. m. way to appreciate the things everyone. The men have tastes different. 11. m. whim, whim, fun. 12. m. hobby or interest in something. a taste . 1. loc. Advisor. As it should be, like or need. al taste . 1. loc. Advisor. Said of seasoning a food: according to the preference of who has to consume it. Eggs to the taste. fall in taste . 1. loc. verb. Ant. falling into grace. take the taste to something. 1. loc. verb. take the taste. by far taste . 1. expr. U to indicate that someone agrees to something that is asked. dar taste . 1. loc. verb. Saying of one thing: produce satisfaction or admiration. Glad to eat here. U t. with the verb c. impers. Thus gives taste. 2. loc. verb. Please someone. I love to give you pleasure. dispatch someone to their happy .. 1. loc. verb. Colloq. Do or say without hesitation that accommodates it. find you taste to something. 1. loc. verb. Turning to this. talk to the taste of someone. 1. loc. verb. Speak according to the wish or contemplation which heard or questioned. go somewhat in taste s. 1. loc. verb. Depend on the taste of each person. long taste . 1. expr. U as courtesy to say goodbye to someone or to respond to a submission. to my, your, etc., happy .. 1. locs. Ad vs. In my, your, etc., opinion. that is, or which was, a taste .. 1. locs. income. coloqs. U to weigh the intensity or speed with which something happens. It was raining that it was a pleasure. dishes are of taste . 1. loc. verb. Colloq. Find great satisfaction in a delicacy or anything else. both taste . 1. expr. much taste. take the taste to something. 1. loc. verb. Turning to this.




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