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Meaning of genofobia



It is a rejection for fear of the sexual organs, of a sexual relationship, and in some cases it could be a real phobia. The etymology is Greek , although it does not take literally to ????? ( genés "producer , initiator") nor to the verb ?????? ( gennaoo "beget") but to an apocopated form of genitalia, by the reproductive organs, which is attached to the suffix -phobia, of ????? ( fovos "fear" ) . To me it seems better genitophobia, more than anything so that it is not confused with a "fear of a tribe or family, own or alien" . See also phlophobia, itifalophobia, colpophobia, eurotophobia, genophobia, genitophobia, erotophobia, malaxophobia, sarmasophobia, coitophobia.





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