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Meaning of enchoyao

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


Enchoyado is also used. It means compact, tight, solid, bulky. In this way it is used on the Atlantic Coast of Colombia (coastal language). In other regions it means cocky, vain, believed, petulant. In the Department of La Guajira, in Colombia, it means lazy, apathetic, lazy.


Henry escobar marin

enchoyao ( sin-choyo ) means : emproblemado , solveA serious problem , committed to a difficult situationExample : "Mario is enchoyado" with that complaint , and for{His lawyer} is going to be a case enchoyado [very serious] Some synonyms , words or similar expressions can be enchoyado , choyo , enchoyados , enchoyador , enchoyadore


pamela ortiz

enchoyao is incorrectly written, and should be written as "vain"one being its meaning: vain, petulant self-sufficient on



vain one, self-sufficient, petulan





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