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Meaning of desencajar

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It means to unsquad, decouple, disassemble, unhinge. It can also mean twisting, dislocating, luxar, disarticulating. To disengage is to pale or decompose or lose the figure. Get out of its packaging or natural position.



It is "removing the sockets or the casings, taking something out of the place where it is adjusted for its good use or operation". See descajetar .


Henry Escobar Marin

*Disengage* (acc) means: decomposing the system, (mandibular) example: pedro iba en , His motorcycle , choco and when falling , is [disengaged]The jaw , {bones of the bottom of the Face , Some synonyms , words or similar expressions can be disengaged , disengaged , disengaged , disengaged





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