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Meaning of descriptor neutro


descriptor neutro

It is a "neutral descriptor", a phrase that will make sense according to its contexts but that in the dictionary is consulted word by word.



NEUTRAL DESCRIPTOR A descriptor helps to understand who you are and what you do. If your company name isn't self-explanatory, a descriptor can help. In short, it is very useful when it comes to segmenting a target audience with identification problems. But here it specifies it as neutral, then it is a specific descriptor, that is, descriptors that identify the categories. This is widely used to reference and allow search engines to find texts that include the concepts of interest of the user When all the text of a document or record or part of it matches a descriptor, the document or record is linked to the category. Thus, the descriptor is asked and the texts found are returned. In this context we can define neutral descriptors such as does not know/does not respond in statistical texts, or empty cases where no descriptor coincides and there is no matching between the search and the texts.





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