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Meaning of descrear

Carlos Alberto Churba


It can be built and destroyed, it can be made and undone, but what we found remarkable is that the created cannot be discreated. It is possible to destroy a work, the product of a creative process, but it is impossible instead to destroy the concept or idea created. The concepts of construction and destruction belong to a material dimension (lower level). You can ignore something that has been created, and it is possible to think about the concept of the not yet created, but there is something that seems impossible: Discreate the created. @carloschurba


Stephane Leus

Denying the existence of creation, that is, denying the creation ( used in metaphorical or mythological sense )


Jonny Morales

Add the prefix DES to the verb create, and felt much one could deny the creation of something that is more oriented to an idea. Discreate therefore not would be well said, you could say instead, destroy or something so. Not be with that intention to want to use the word. A greeting



Delete created



Delete created





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