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Meaning of dentro

Spanish open dictionary


inside . ( Of the lat. )( deintro ). 1. adv. l in the interior of a space or end-real or imaginary part. Went me inside. It rubbed inside. Lead all towards inside. a inside . 1. loc. Advisor. inside. de inside . 1. loc. Advisor. Ant. inside. inside de. 1. loc. prepos. U to indicate the end of a period of time as seen from the perspective of the present. Within two months. 2. loc. prepos. In the interior of a real or imaginary space. In a drawer, a town in the heart of the soul. inside en. 1. loc. prepos. its. within (? in the interior of a space). inside or outside. 1. expr. Colloq. U to excite someone to take a decision. by from inside . 1. loc. Advisor. By inside.




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