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1º_ 'DC' is a shorthand way of identifying the "Civil Defense", although it is also used even as a logo by other groups or institutions such as the "Christian Democracy". 2º_ Outside of Spanish, although seen in our language, 'DC' is used in music as the Italian da capo ("from the head, from the beginning"), or as the English Direct Current ("direct current") for electricity. See DC ("direct current"). 3º_ 'DC Entertainment' is the name of a company dedicated to the creation of comics, which later expanded its business to television series, films and video games. The initials come from his most famous publication, Detective Comics magazine.



DC abbreviation commonly used to distinguish Washington, District of Columbia, capital of the United States, from Washington State, capital Seattle, to the northwest of the country. 2 . Abbreviation of DC Comics, a publishing house dedicated to the realization and commercialization of comics, founded in 1937. DC is an abbreviation for Detective Comics, one of its first flagship titles. It has recently been acquired by AOL-Time Warner. It is one of the largest comic book companies worldwide. Among his best-known titles are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Flash, and Green Lantern.





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