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Meaning of comida

Spanish open dictionary


food . 1. d. V. eaten. eaten , da . ( Of the part of to eat ). 1. adj. That has been eaten. 2. f. food (? set of things to eat or drink to survive). Win anyone the food with the sweat of your brow Take horror to the food 3. f. food taken at midday or early afternoon. 4. f. cena 1 . 5. f. action to eat. Food lasted for three hours Take two hours at each meal 6. f. meeting for lunch. On Monday we have a meal fish meal. 1. f. vigilia (? ( meal with abstinence from meat). food fast. 1. f. Which is produced in industrial and standardized way for immediate consumption. change the food . 1. loc. verb. vomit (? in the stomach). eaten by served. 1. expr. U in order to understand the short product of a profession or employment. eaten and drunk. 1. loc. adj. Colloq. maintained. not be something food of opossum. 1. loc. verb. Colloq. Hond. Be very difficult. stand for the food . 1. loc. verb. Rest after eating. be someone bad food .. 1. loc. verb. Cuba. Be difficult to (I) ntimidar. ? V. Eating House.




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