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Meaning of chispa

Spanish open dictionary


spark . ( Voice onomat. ). 1. f. burning particle which jumps from the fire, of the wounded iron Flint, etc. 2. f. tiny and little raindrop. 3. f. particle of anything. Not given or a spark of bread. Of the pan a spark of oil. 4. f. minimum portion of something. U m. with neg. Does not run a spark in air. 5. f. penetration (? acumen) (of wit). Miguel has spark. 6. d. very small diamond. 7. f. Colloq. drunkenness (? effect of getting drunk). 8. f. Cuba. Small car that runs on Rails powered by a hand lever. spark electrical. 1. f. luminous discharge between two bodies charged with very different electrical potential. Sparks. 1. interj . fire. give spark , o chispa s. 1. locs. verbs. coloqs. Show intelligence or effectiveness. take spark s. 1. loc. verb. Colloq. To show anger and rage. 2. loc. verb. Colloq. Prorrumpir threats. encendér, or prendér, the spark someone. 1. locs. verbs. coloqs. Cuba. Coming up suddenly solve a problem. Skip to the spark to someone. 1. loc. verb. Col. Be furious, react violently to a provocation. be a spark . 1. loc. verb. Colloq. Be very alive and awake. have someone the spark delayed. 1. loc. verb. Colloq. Col. , Cuba , Ec and see. Be slow to react to a situation or to understand something. have someone the spark lit. 1. loc. verb. Colloq. Cuba. Quickly capture the sense of something. ? V. weapon of spark rifle of spark key of spark stone of spark I chispo , pa . ( Of spark ). 1. adj. Colloq. Achispado, drunk. 2. m. Colloq. chisguete (? drink of wine).




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