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Meaning of chagua



It means many people, crowded with people, full of people. Colloquial expression of the city of Cartagena - Colombia


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It was part of a farewell song by Italian soldiers going to war. I was starting with Adela Ciao. . . . . Adela Ciao. Later mixed with the International became an anthem of the Communists. Many years ago, it also adapted as a battle anthem for anti-Ooqueña selections of all kinds. In the Department of Cundinamarca and in certain neighborhoods of Bogotá, it means footwear, shoe, from there are also derived the words of muisca origin chagualo or tagua - taguazo (which mean the same). In Colombia it is a surname of Chibcha origin and Peru another of Quechua origin. In Peru it means milker, the one who squeezes.


Jarol del pino castrillon

Battle cry that is part of a song of the anti-Oqueña football team. . . . in Colombia