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Meaning of centella

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


In Colombia we use the word spark as an adjective to say fast, quick, swift. Shooting star, lightning, lightning, Meteor, spark. It also means that it shines, bright, shining.



CENTELLA: Salamanca, poisonous herb that grows in the valleys.


Javier Ledesma

In Tobarra (Albacete ) applies to which climbs trees very quickly. "It climbs trees as a 34 centella; -Vicente Claramonte Valcárcel ( "The Cente " ) He is known for his ease in rising young trees as one centella, nothing to do with the comic "Captain Centella " nor with the character of the 34 Tenorio;Captain Centellas " nor with the abbreviation of Vincent, saw-cente. Jesús Gómez swords turned "The Cente " "People " and finally "Gento ". As they arrive to divert the nicknames.





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