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Meaning of canejo

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is a term used in the field and is an expression or exclamation of admiration, surprise or anger. It's something similar to Caray, gee, shit, heck or pucha. It can also mean that you have gray hair on your head.



To be cage all--the world did not cowards--let PA forward--



My Mexican wife explains what I have always known..that canejo, or rabbit, is a slang term used to denote strength.
 Used in US as well

"El hombre es muy canejo. The man is very strong"


norberto mario regalzi hijo de pampeano

rabbit is only an exclamation Gaucho and respectful avoiding words that some questioned, that they are true.



As explained above, is a euphemism for " hell " an exclamation point. Popularized in Argentina and through cartoon Patoruzú, screenwriter and artist Dante Quinterno, who used it frequently for not writing " 34 hell; and to avoid the censorship of the time and the reproach of educated readers.


marcelo cabeza

No agreement with that is similar to HDP. On the other hand, Wow by hell, that sounds perecido, seems more coherent way of replacing the little educated or cult " 34 hell;. Force rabbit! would be similar to Vamos carajo!


Víctor R. Benavides Vergara

I have the impression that it is something like " Son of... " Although it can also be someone hurt or an exploited.


Max Herlitz Herrera

It is an interjection which means visiting hell, Devils, wow.





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