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Meaning of bufarra

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


In Argentina and Uruguay, paedophile, paedophile. Person who is sexually attracted to minors.



In a broad sense it is the active homosexual male, and very specifically the paedophile "who abuses younger males". One story they once made to me is that 'bufarra' is a deformation of 'bufo' or 'bufo' ('firearm, revolver'), because "the bullet is thrown" 128527; . It actually comes from the Latin bugerum that translates as "sodomite", and has versions in Italian (buggerone), or in Spanish chaste (buharrón, bujarrón) that surely influenced the synonyms lunfardos. See bug, buffalo, scarf ( euphemism), comepibe, paedophile.


Pantaleon firulero el justiciero

Lunfardo expression, man who has homosexual relations and makes male


Frank Hûldich

A person who plays everything with double meaning and is single-minded.





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