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Meaning of bolsa



1st_ Flexible packaging, usually made of fabric . From the Latin bass bursa, taken from Greek 946; 965; 961; 963; 945; ( bursa "skin odre" ) . 2o_ By the above, "content, set", literally or figuratively, so it can be gathered in a bag. 3rd_ Also by the above, a container of similar elements, which share a characteristic . 4th_ Popular Way to Name the Stock Exchange . The origin is a possible deformation (or translation) of the name of financier Van Der Bourse, who created in Bruges (France, fifteenth century) the equivalent of the current Stock Exchange.


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Small bag of any type of material that is used to store things. Talega, chuspa, jíquera. It can also mean testicle.





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