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Meaning of berenguela

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


In mineralogy, a stone similar to marble, of great transparency. It is a feminine name, meaning the warrior's spear and is of Germanic origin. The name Berengaria is also used. Name of Queen of Castile and Queen Consort of León (on 2 occasions). She was the daughter of King Alfonso VIII and Queen Eleanor of Plantagenet. Named after Queen of Navarre, who was also Queen of England, Duchess of Normandy and Countess of Anjou. She was the wife of Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) and Queen consort. Berenguela of Portugal : Name of Infanta of Portugal and Queen consort of Denmark.


Felipe Lorenzo del Río

Feminine proper name of Germanic origin, whose masculine is Berenguer or Berengar, very typical of our medieval royalty and nobility in Navarre, Catalonia, Castile, León or Portugal. The people of Compostela now name the clock tower of their cathedral and more properly its large new bell that rings in low C. Since 1989, the old woman, cracked, has rested in a corner of the cloister with other younger sisters.





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