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Meaning of albardado



1º_ It is the animal that has a different color on its back than the rest of the body. 2º_ Enalbardado ("battered fried food") . 3º_ In archaic Castilian it is the one who has characteristics of 'alvardán' or 'albardán' ( "buffoon" , "lazy" ) . See bard. 4º Participle of the verb albardar ("to fry food battered or covered with fat"). Albardado is the name of a stream in Cordoba, Spain.


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Inflection of albardar , which means covering or wrapping a piece of meat with bacon or bacon in slices. In Tauromaquia it is a type of bull fur in which the specimen has the back part of a different shade than the rest of the body.





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