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Meaning of rimaykullayki

Cheryl D. Millard


Quechua is an agglutinative language, it depends upon suffixation for meaning quechua is an agglutinative language, depends on sentidoIt is Quechua the suffixation greeting for HelloRimay is the verb to speakEs quechua greeting to HelloRimay is the verb hablarRima - and - ku - lla - yki - and Infinitive marker,-are - ku Pluraliser for exclusive (excludes hearer) Pluraliser for exclusive (does not include listener) - lla Immotional Immotional-yki intensifier intensifier for 2nd Person Singular suffix , Possessive, Second Person Singular, Possesivesufijo for the 2nd person singular, possessive, second Singular, possessive





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