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Meaning of artola

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


Artola is a surname of Basque origin. Pedro María Artola Urrutia, better known as Pello was footballer (goalkeeper). Pello Artola was goalkeeper of Barcelona more than 10 years. Miguel Artola Gallego is a Basque historian, specializing in the history of Spain. It is the name of some dunes in the municipality of Marbella (Malaga, Spain), also receiving the name of Cabopino.


Pablo Zapata Lerga

In San Martín de Unx, Navarra: gadget that is placed on both sides on top of the Cavalry, forming a square, to transport large stones, trunks, baskets, etc.


Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

artola: Jesus said is the person's libertine, haughty. villain.



Artola call in my town. Pirineo navarro. The irregular part of a plot to agricola.Suppose we have a plot which in its form is quite regular and one side has un.apendice that breaks the regularity.We say " The field of sotoburu ago artola 34 right header;


Raúl C. Baptista Rosas

Transport of wounded through a stretcher loaded on mule back, usually used in rough terrain soon accessible to other media.





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