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Meaning of yonki

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is more suitable yonchy, with q. It is a term used mainly in Spain. It means drug user, drug addict. Drogo, pepo.


M. López Mo.

It seems that, one of the applicable somewhat romantic meanings in my opinion, is referred to the person who flees suffering and avoids, as far as possible, suffering or endures moody, sentimental, moral pain. . . , trying not to feel affected by any charge of conscience, a consequence of the pain caused to third parties, especially loved ones, and even always to oneself (whether involuntary, whether voluntary, otherwise negligent, another painful).


John Rene Plaut

YONKI Drug addict comes from English Junk, garbage, waste. Yonki is the one who consumes garbage ( drug )





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