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Meaning of volada



1st_ Female of the flying adjective . 2o_ Female form of the participle of the verb fly . 3o_ In graphic or printing is the reduced letter and highest set (similar to a superscript) to form abbreviations. [note : A typical case is abbreviated ordinals; p . E.g. in this entry the 'third' is written as '3o_' ( 3 'o' volley '_' ), although it is an intentional spelling error, since the correct form '3 . o' can be confused by the point with the end of a previous entry. The underscore simulates another correct spelling for abbreviations that would be the underlining of the fly without the dot. ]


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Colombia it means that it does not know how to control itself, impulsive. Who acts in a hasty and unthinking manner. Vehemente, snatched, impetuous, fiery, thoughtless.



loc. verb. Colloq. Mexico. Conceited





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