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Meaning of truje

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


In Colombia and especially in rural Boyacá is a vulgarism by suit, inflection to bring. In Spain and especially in Aragon, it is inflection of trout, which means dividing a room or room by using partitions.



Truje in some words of Colombian farmers of boyaca, santander and cundinamarca, refers contemptuously to an unknown subject and bad mornings



The use that is made in El Quixote in the identified passage : allow , provide


Sergio Ledesma

Trujer verb bring used in the middle ages now disused but is used in certain areas of the Peninsula.


Francisco Carcelén Conesa

Accompanied by "I " "I truje " It is first person singular indefinite preterite of the verb to bring, in an archaic form, used in some areas of Spain. It is likely to be Castilian old, "I vide " we now say, "I vi "


Carlos Maria Bilbao

Mexico. Deformation of the word " costume " ( from: bring )





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