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Meaning of seucy



According to Tupi Amazon mythology, Seucy was a virgin of divine origin who gave birth to the son of the sun god, whom they named Yurupary, who as an adult was the initiator of cultural changes that took away social and political power from women.


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In several indigenous cultures of vaupés in Colombia, it is the name given to the Constellation of Las Pléyades and in some cases to the sun. Among these cultures are those of the Tupi-Guarani, Tucani and Arawak linguistic families. They are from territories of Colombia and Brazil, mainly settled the basins of the Vaupés and Negro rivers. According to legend it is the indigenous Mother of Yuruparí who was her great Chief and Guide. The word Yuruparí means begotten by a fruit (allegedly the piquia).