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Meaning of relámpago

Spanish open dictionary


lightning . ( Of the lat. )( * relampadare ). 1. m. thanks and instant glow produced in the clouds by an electric shock. 2. m. fire or sudden glare. 3. m. thing that slightly passing or is early in its operations. 4. that m. alive, soon, sharp and witty. 5. d. u. in apposition to denote the speed, sudden character or brevity of something. Guerra lightning. Ministry lightning. 6. m. part of the brial was seen in women who wore the basquiña entirely open ahead. 7. m. Veter. Species of cloud that forms the horses in the eyes. 8. m. germ. Length of the day. 9. m. germ. Coup d ' état that occurs. ? V. closure lightning




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