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Meaning of quiropterapia



It must be a chirotherapy error. See chiropractic, chiropractic.


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

I do not think that there is any therapy that is done with bats, therefore it is logical that there is a leftover the first p. Chiropro or chiroptera means bat. With this clarification, I think you are wondering about chiropractic or chiropraxia. It means manual therapy, hand-made therapies. It is a technique to cure ailments especially of the spine; through hand-executed movements and massages.



QUIROTERAPIA Practice that through massage, frictions, strokes and other contacts with fingers, palms and backhands of the hands improve the health of the treated person. It applies to very varied problems such as spinal conditions, headaches, stresses, disc injuries, osteoarthritis to the knees or elbows.





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