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Meaning of que significa especimen


que significa especimen

See what, verbs/means, specimen .


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It means unit, sample, individual, model or example. A specimen is a biological element that gathers the specific characteristics of a species, which is a model, or sample. Which is representative of a biological species.


Jimeno Álvarez

The word specimen " plural, 34 specimens; 1 means sample or specimen, especially to the extent that it is representative of a class of objects or entities.Biology specimen means any individual or part of an individual who is taken as shown, especially which is considered representative of the character of the population to which they belong. The specimens are preserved in biological collections, such as herbaria, accompanied by information about their origin and conditions of collection and preparation, information without which may lose most of its scientific value.The term is widely used in the forensic language ( «»Forensic specimen» ) to refer to the samples on which the expertise is performed. For example in recognition of writing, forensic handwriting analysis and signature verification, the specimen refers to a sample of handwriting.





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