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Meaning of química

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chemical . 1. d. V. chemist. chemical , ca . ( Der. of the ant. )( quimia ). 1. adj. belonger or relating to the chemical. 2. adj. As opposed to physical, concerning the composition of the bodies. 3. m. and f. person who professes the chemical or has special knowledge. 4. f. science that studies the structure, properties and transformations of matter from their Atomic composition. 5. f. relationship of peculiar understanding or rapport is established between two or more persons. chemical biological. 1. f. Of living beings. chemical inorganic. 1. f. The of the simple and bodies of the compounds that do not contain carbon in their molecules. chemical ore. 1. f. chemical inorganic. chemical organic. 1. f. Of the compounds that contain carbon molecules. ? V. equivalent chemical




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