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Meaning of qap

Luis Gabriel Hernandez Valderrama


The most coherent Spanish translation with the same acronym, and its meaning, would be , Quedo Atento and Pendiente.



1st_ 'QAP' is one of the so-called 'Q codes' that are used internationally as an abbreviated consultation in telegraph and later radio communications. It means "Quiet At Phrequency", which translates as "standby?" and is also used as an answer. 2nd_ By the above is found in colloquial use as "quadpe", where the acronym 'QAP' is interpreted as "Stay Attentive to Earrings" in Spanish. 3rd_ By the previous one, in Colombia a television newscast (then news portal) with the name 'QAP' was broadcast in Colombia, which closed with the phrase 'Good night, we were Q. to. Q. » , in this case as "we are attentive and pending". That's why there are memorized Colombians who end a conversation by remediing the slogan of that program with the "quader" hose. 4o_ In English 'QAP' is short for quadratic assignment problem, a mathematical issue with practical applications in localization and design of circulation spaces, ergometry, location of electrical components on a circuit, . . . 5th_ 'QAP' is the IATA code for the airport of the city of Apapa ( Nigeria ).


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In radio signals means we are attentive to a new call. We're on hold. It stands for "Quiet At Phrequency", which you can translate Waiting on Frequency or Standby Frequency. In Colombia it was the name of a TV newscast.


Edgar Chacón

Okay, lined up, all ok


Carlos Dubon Arandi



Manuel Penichet P

QAP are the initials of quot; Quiet At Phrequency quot; which means something as quot; attentive and waiting quot;. It is a three letter code for signs attributed originally to the British Government and the American military to be used in radio communications. Its use was initially between ships and coastal stations after commercial and military. Also used by amateur radio operators to communicate, where it is common to hear them say: quot; I am QAP quot;.





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