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Meaning of qanodiano

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is more appropriate to use the term Qanondiano. It means relative to Q'Anon . He supports Q'Anon's ideas. Q'Anon, or better yet Q'Anon Shaman, also known as Q Shaman or Yellowstone Wolf (the Yellowstone wolf or the yellow stone wolf). He is one of the assailants of the White House. His real name is Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley. He is an American far-right activist and conspiracy theorist.



It may refer to something "relating to QAnon or to a supporter of his ideas" .



Qanodian is the person (individual of the human species) who believes that an intelligence service will end globalism even though QAnon's warnings are never met. These people believe that many politicians and great tycoons are dead or in jail and that what we see on television are clones, that if this is true, they are so well done that they are just as young p_ta.





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