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Meaning of muestra

Spanish open dictionary


shows . ( For display ). 1. f. portion of a product or merchandise is used to get to know the quality of the fabric. 2. f. part or portion taken from a set by methods that allow to see it as representative of him. 3. d. copy or model to copy or imitate; as the writing that copied the children in schools. 4. f. signal, sign, demonstration or proof of anything. 5. f. banner that announced with c in wood, metal or other material, thick aracteres, on the doors of shops, the kind of merchandise is shipped in them, or the trade or profession of those who occupy them. It is usually placed also on the irons of the balconies and in other ways. 6. f. conventional sign placed in a store, establishment, etc., to denote what it sells. 7. f. extreme part of a piece of cloth, where, between two lists of ordinary wool, is the brand. 8. f. Porte, gesture, neatness. 9. f. field (? of the clock). 10. f. In some games of cards, letter turns and teaches to indicate the stick of the triumph. 11. f. Agr. First sign of result observed in plants. There are many sample of grapes, fruit. 12. f. Cineg. Detention in spying on the hunting dog for lift at its time. 13. f. Mil. Magazine (? training of troops for inspection). 14. f. its. Clock, especially the faltriquera. do shows . 1. loc. verb. Say, look. pass shows . 1. loc. verb. Register something to recognize it. 2. loc. verb. Mil. go magazine. ? V. button from shows fair of shows s dog's shows




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