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Meaning of medialuna



It has many meanings, and all originate in the form of the moon partially covered by the shadow of the Earth : 127769; 127768; 127762; . Symbol 9770; which in Turkish is called Ay Yildiz ("Moon Star") represents Islam. The invoice or pastry bun is called 'medialuna' by its shape, which although it was the literal translation of the original German halbmond ( pr . jálbond) became popular in most of the world with the French croissant ( pr. croissant) which means "growing", although there is a legend that gives it another etymology. It is also the name of curved blades or tracks and sports fields in the form of a semicircle.


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Colombia name of a great musical success. It is also the name of a Colombian town ( Corregimiento) in the Municipality of Pivijay, Magdalena Department.



Crescent : Fortification built in front of the capitals of the bastions.





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