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Meaning of meco



Word poular used to appoint to the liquid seminal; often pluralize it: chunky Example: "This morra likes to eat the chunky. Dress Monica Lewinsky spotted chunky." Synonyms: Semen



Blow to the head. Hit someone in the head... Example: "If you don't stay quedito I'll give a good meco" Synonyms: Noogie



SMALL MAN OR TINY SIZE Example: "HEY that MECO VEN ACA" Synonyms: Grande nbsp; Antonyms: Dwarf



Gay, gay man or mannered Example: "that's a chunky bar." Synonyms: Gay nbsp; Homosexual nbsp; Amanerado nbsp; Sissy nbsp; Faggot nbsp; Butterfly nbsp; Marica



Spain Meco used as a synonym for coup. It also means semen. Example: "I'll give a meco" Synonyms: Coup nbsp; Chunky



Meco is only a synonym of Furt or hard Example: "This coup will hear meco I hit him very meco" Synonyms: Strong nbsp; Hard



Adjective-adjective, meco or Mecca... to appoint a person of white color. cultural: used to call any boy or girl... Example: "look at that person to this Mecca. ´ ' or hey vos meco veni here." Synonyms: Guero nbsp; White



Meco, is to be compared to a sperm, meco, who is a misaligned, dumb, clumsy and ignorant person


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Mexico it is a word of many meanings. It can mean semen, seminal fluid. It is also foolish, bobo, fledgling, novice, inexperienced, drunk, drunk. It is also used to designate something big, bulky, hard or strong. Person of white teas. It is also dirty, pig, pork, frumpy. In some countries in Central America and Ecuador means effeminate, gay. Of bowlegs, cascorvo.


.Justino Leanos, Chihuahua, Mex.

Silly, torpeEl boy is well meco, don't know crossing the street





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