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Meaning of mamaguevo

Nelson Rivero NERG


Depending on the context, the word MamagÜevo or Mamahuevo can or may not be an Insult, when it comes to friends, between jokes you can say that word and it is unlikely that anyone will feel offended, however it can also be used in a derogatory way to u Na person who is not to our liking



The word mama guevo comes from the Latin mamate a guevo, which is when they put the guevo in their mouths and droole, suck it and lick it, it's more even swallowit. Mother guevo is also the same as mama ñema since the ñema is part of the guevo, if they told you guevo mom it was because they saw you doing it out there so you know "you're a marika"



The MamawebO Word Has Different Meanings Depends On What Situation You Use It, You Can Use It Among Friends And No Offense For Example"Your If Ere Gafo Mamawebo" How It Can Also Be Used In A Discussion Or Fight By Example "You Are The MamawebO Ass?"


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

The term used is Mamahuevo or Mamagüevo. Although it is usually a vulgar and offensive term, on the Atlantic coast of Colombia it is used to designate a very submissive, meek or docile person. It's synonymous with asshole, dummy.


el guachi

Mamaguevo or better known as MMG is a person who is dedicated to fuck random or suck guevos that is the same as Mamañema



mamaguevo is a word used most likely in dominican republic and the meaning of mamaguevo is that you suck dicks
 Used in US as well

"you are a mamaguevo = you a dick sucker"


Hugo chavez

Mamaguevo or rather mamahuevo is an expression used in venezuela to treat contemptuously someone, being its meaning a person who likes to perform fellatio from there the MOM egg. Although it sounds weird at times and venezuela also is used to refer to nbsp; people who are to your liking.


Hugo chavez

mamaguevo is an insult that is much used in venezuela, means something as well as you do fellatio or suck the testicles of a person. That if you must write well, mamahuevo, hache and not to G.


Mary Escobar

The true meaning of mamaguevo is not to be gay in particular, is simply an insult ill accomplished capturing your fellatio skills you are male or female, or if it is between friends ways to tell you're one person very Joker.


Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

mamaguevo is incorrectly written, and should be written as "mamaguevo" as meaning: In the colloquial language, a mamaguevo or mamahuevo is the homosexual man, transvestite, gay. You can be member or not of the LGBT community, and obviously belongs to the gay community.





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