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Meaning of machote

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


Increasing male, meaning manly, virile, reluctant man. It can also mean receipt or invoice, proof of payment. It can also mean in Colombia eraser, freehand drawing, sketch, plane.



In Central America, a male is what in Mexico they call the draft of a letter. The first writing of something, before being reviewed and corrected.


Lucas Pereyra

In Peru, machote is the term that defines the visual element that contains the characteristics, structure, organization, and various visual properties of a publishing project. The malete is usually a primary, possibly freehand, scaled-up graphic representation of a multi-page publication.



Large blacksmith's hammer.


Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

Macho: m. man having well defined the characteristics of male. A man " macho " therefore, does not have strange behavior, as man " other equipment " as it says in the colloquial language, and his masculinity can not be put in doubt.


Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

Macho: ( 41 masculine noun; In Mexico they called macho to the receipt of payment or appropriation, which is a small paper delivered in banks, stores and other commercial establishments, which is indicating the value of the transaction and other data related to the same.


Juan Huertas

The word male, man's appearance and very male attitudes


Isabel Cristina Silva Correa

drawing or illustration model simulating the layout, size, style, finish and other Visual and aesthetic properties of a final art.


Francisco Javier Gómez Mandujano

MACHO-In Mexico it comes from the nahuatl MACHIOTL and means model, pattern or form to continue to carry out some bureaucratic process.