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Meaning of lamia

felipe lorenzo del rio


Female character of Basque mythology similar to the classical nymphs and the xanas of the asturleoneses and Cantabrians and to the houses or daigua Catalan gifts, associated with caves, fountains and afterates of crystal clear water where they comb their long hairs with gold combs in the moonlight. Very attractive appearance however they have goat's feet, chicken or duck feet and in coastal areas, as Pío Baroja tells us, with fishtail, like mermaids. Many place names of the northern peninsular geography remind us of these pre-Christian legends.


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It is a name of Arab origin that means beautiful, beautiful, cute. In Greek mythology was the name of a daughter of Libya and Poseidon, hence sister ofGenor and Belo. She was characterized by being a terrible seducer. Generic name for a monster or scare. Name of an ancient city of Thessaly. It is also a way to call the Zambeze shark, bull shark, Zambezi shark or Sardinian. Name of two Latin American airlines. The name of a genus of coleoptera of the family Cerambycidae . Also lamia is the name of an Asteroid.



Lamia linda in Arab Princess of times past.



Lamia: Demonio-hembra causing Greek mythology of the cradle of the infant death. It is said to this Smothers them with his breath. According to the Guatemalan traditions must clothe the children with clothing that still has the body scent of the mother ( blouse, bata, piyama, etc. ) so not them annoying as they sleep, since the mother already marked his territory.





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