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Meaning of iguaraya

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


In Colombia it is the name of a fruit and the plant that produces it. It is also known as cardón guajiro. It is of the family Cactaceae and its scientific name is Stenocereus griseus. The plant is made up of elongated pencas and therefore its scientific name that means candle or candle. It is similar to the pitahaya but the inner part of its fruit is red. It develops in very dry climates (Xerophytic). It is cultivated especially by the indigenous people of the Wayú ethnic group.


John Rene Plaut

IGUARAYA Stenocereus griseus desert plant of the family Cactaceae. It is found in Venezuela, Mexico, and Colombia. Also called Cardón Guajiro because it typically grows in The Colombian Guajira. It has a unique flavor. Its fruit is reddish in color and is squeezed to prepare a liqueur and serve with an appetizer. In Colombia they are cultivated by the Wayuu, a comunidas native to La Guajir





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