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Meaning of huckleberry



It is the blueberry shrub (Vaccinium myrtillus) and its fruit. It has a far-fetched etymology, as it is an alteration of medieval English hurtilbery, which in turn is an alteration of whortle that comes from the cimbriano hortan ("always, perennial") and from bery, which in archaic English is "small fruit".



It is not and is not used in Spanish. See English/huckleberry ("blueberry").



HUCKLEBERRY in English, blueberry. Berries are the berries or the fruits of the forest, although mechanically apples, avocados and tomatoes are also berries and, interestingly, raspberry is not, because it is actually a conglomerate of tiny fruits. . Strawberry is raspberry, blueberry is blueberry, blackberry is blackberry or blackberry.





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