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Meaning of hacerse el toledano


hacerse el toledano

There are two possible meanings of this term. One would be, "Make toledano", which means going to reside to the city of Toledo, simply. And the other, with the article that is mentioned in the question is "Do the Toledano". Its meaning is deduced from popular sayings and would not confirm. Toledo was always, famous, for giving residence to three cultures, totally different, but fully embedded and in completely peaceful coexistence, which were the Moors, Jews and Christians. The real policemen had big problems to punish some or others, since each belief had moral and behavioral standards. Therefore, it was very easy to be exempt from responsibility in according to which mistakes or misdeeds. The defendant it enough to say that it was"Toledano", where justice and, especially the Holy Inquisition, had more caution, with one who "was the Toledano". We note that the surname "Toledano" is very common among the families of Sephardic Jews who had to leave Spain before its ranked expulsion of the Catholic Kings and which has been given the status of Spanish citizenship, with strong support from a large majority of Spaniards. Toledo existed for more than 500 years the best school of 'Translators of Toledo' which was the best school to translate the books of history, philosophy, and mathematics, which was saved from burning most of Greek and Roman writings aranese or Jews.





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