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Meaning of guayo

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is a type of footwear that has taches or dowels used to play football. Loot. Hang the guayo is dying. Take stock of guayo is to make suffer someone, renege on a promise or commitment.


Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

The guayo is a type of footwear that is used for practice or play football.



GUAYO: In Cuba, peso silver hard.



GUAYO: In Cuba and Puerto Rico, guiro, musical instrument.



GUAYO: Formerly, grater, kitchen instrument.



GUAYO: Tree in the family Rosaceae, red and hard wood.


raul enrique solis camacho

name of the horse, the soldier more it sublime of Jesus Christ, who fights battles in the sky in the holy war that keeps till now wing date to release us. atte. Raul camacho





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