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Meaning of gallinazo

Yael Cortes


Gallinazo is when one person speaking or singing leaves him "Rooster" (or talk very hoarse way).


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Colombia we say gallinazo a young man who flirts all the girls. Gallinazo is also the scavenger bird's scientific name Coragyps atratus, of the family Cathartidae. He is known also by the names of goalkeeper, buzzard, Pimp, guala, Vulture, Black Vulture, samuro, nopo, sucha, urubu. chombo. zoncho, guaraguao.



Gallinazo refers to when a person sings a song a cappella.


Ergo Sifuentes

Gallinazo in the Peru, is a Black Vulture, hen-like dimensions, scavenger bird of america central and South America. Acquired different names in other countries such as: Aura, Vulture, chimango Caracara, Vulture, buzzard, etc. There are very used phrases such as: "Gallinazo sings in puna " referring to the difficulty of the black to suit the height, or "Spend gunpowder in gallinazo " that it means an effort to very poor results.





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