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Meaning of endemia



ENDEMIC in medicine: formally, a disease that presents with a relatively constant incidence, AT LEAST EIGHT MONTHS A YEAR, in a given community or population. There are usually herd immunity, and the lethality is uniform There are 4 types of endemic Holoendemia, Hyperendemia, Mesoendemia, Hypoendemia.



It is circunscripta to a place or people, especially diseases said situation. The word seems originated in epidemic that is earlier in Spanish and French, and appears in latin texts, although its etymology is Greek: 949; 957; 948; 951; 956; 943; 945; (949; 957; in in, inside 948; 951; 956; 959; 962; (demos people, population). Although its scope was broader and appointed to the inhabitants of a place or with permanent residency, doctors took it as a reduced form of 949; 957; 948; 949; 956; 959; 957; 957; 959; 963; 951; 956; 945; (endemon nosema disease endemic) and thus came to our days. See sindemia, epidemic, pandemic.





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