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Meaning of diablo

Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


Evil character from many cultures. Hell, Satan. In Colombia we also say devils to darts, diabolists or pellets of fulminant or Balinese guns. Small metal spherite.



Evil entity typical of legends and religions. He is both the prince of angels rebelled in Christianity, and each of the evil spirits for the Jews. The voice comes to us from the Latin bass diabolus, who takes it from the Byzantine 948; 953; 945; 946; 959; 955; 959; 962; (diabolos ) consisting of 948; 953; 945; ( day "between, through) 946; 945; 955; 955; 949; 953; 957; ( ballein "throwing"), because he was the one who lied to separate the men, the maledicente who threw slander. By extension, any harmful person or animal . See also demon, gualicho , incubus, succubus, orc, supay , satan, lucifer .


V.M. Hjor Ku Xoans.

Diablo: fabulous character very malignant, represented in the person senseless and malagradecida, obedient to a dark thought or an antithetical thesis. Satan; The wrath of God; detachment on alert of hostile contingency. Appears very natural rhetoric, with which an inconforme community raised in arms is represented. Unstoppable fury of the elements of nature.





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