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Meaning of despacito por las piedras


despacito por las piedras

In Uruguay it is used textual: "despacito, por las piedras" and means to achieve something by going slower but by the safe way. Surely in Argentina (and capable that also in Chile or Paraguay) it is understood (or used).



( I sent the previous message without finishing it, I put the same example of use because it corresponds all to the same message ) "Despacito, por las piedras" . It can also be used to not be overwhelmed. When one has a difficult task ahead of him and starts it without reasoning can be worse (like walking on the stones barefoot), if one thinks before starting to walk and goes slowly reaches the goal safely, capable that later, but without hurting himself.


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

The exact phrase is " slowly and by 34 small stones; It is a phrase widely used in Colombia that says that you have to go slowly and carefully to go further and achieve success. It is similar to the Italian adage " Qui va piano, va lontano ". Used in Colombia by the simile of a daily reality: when it rains a lot, the floor is very smooth and dangerous, so the recommendation is made of it to walk slowly and the parties more dry. There is another widely used and similar phrase " Go slowly and by the 34 sombrita; for when there is too much sun.





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